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Psychology Practitioner Liability Insurance


Completion of this online application will facilitate your request for insurance. Information entered will form the basis of the insurance contract should a policy be issued.

BMS is the official broker for the Psychology Practitioner Liability Insurance Program. Exclusive to members of the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) and participating Provincial / Territorial associations within the Council of Professional Associations of Psychologists (CPAP).

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Choose the insurance application that you wish to apply for. If you require more than one coverage option (such as the additional Business/Clinic coverages) two separate transactions must be made (one for each option). Please note every member MUST purchase Professional Liability/Commercial General Liability coverage to be eligible for the additional Business/Clinic coverage's available.

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Professional Liability / Commercial General Liability
Provides members with personal Professional Liability and Commercial General Liability Insurance
Additional Options: Cyber Security & Privacy Liability, Business Professional Liability Insurance, Employment practices liability

Additional Business / Clinic Coverages - Package
Business Package: Property, Crime, Business Interruption and Business Commercial General Liability

Additional Business / Clinic Coverages - Individual
Business Commercial General Liability ONLY
Property / Crime Coverage ONLY

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